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LiPo 11.1V 1500mAh

  • Category : Robotics And Electronics
  • Sub Category : Li-Po Battery & Charger
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 Lithium-ion Polymer batteries have become the go-to power options for serious RC hobbyists and Tiger LiPo® is well known for its long running times, high C constant power delivery rates and reasonable lifetime recharge cycle times. The lipo individual cells are generally rectangular in nature and are composed of multiple wafers (cells) that are wired together to make a packet. Available as small battery capacity single cell battery for micro quad mini and aircraft, up to 12 cells, 22000 mAh lipo battery pack for professional drones, Tiger LiPo® has the backup for almost all remote controlled applications.

Rechargeable Lipo Battery TP 11.1V-3s 1500mAh 25c


  • Type:  lithium polymer
  • Voltage:  11.1V
  • Capacity:   1500mAh
  • Charging speed:  1-2C recommended, 5C maximum.


  • Dimension: 70X34x25mm
  • Weight: 117g