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Boost Module LM2587

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Product Details

LM2587 DC-DC power modules boost module(Peak 5A) DC Step-Up Converter Module

   Adjustable High Efficiency Boost DC-DC booster circuit, the input voltage (4 to 30) V, adjustable output (5 to 30) V, maximum input current of 5A, up to 92% efficiency, the use of a dedicated large package boost chip beyond the LM2577, not mung bean big boost IC can, output drive power of up to 30W.

Specification details:

  • Name:LM2587 modules
  • Size: Long (3.8) * W (5.2) * Height (2.0) (CM)
  • Weight:28g
  • Input voltage range: 3.5V-30V (output set voltage higher than the input voltage must beguaranteed)
  • Output voltage range: 4.0V-30V
  • Input maximum current: 5A (based on power conservation under nominal conditions the output current
  • Uin * Iin * efficiency = Uout * Iout)
  • Continuous operating current: 3A (good ventilation conditions, the output voltage and input voltage ratio can not be greater than 3)
  • Around 90% of the full load efficiency


    If the output voltage is not higher than the input voltage, adjust potentiometer clockwise, the output voltage will rise, please do not counter-clockwise adjustment when you test this module at high input voltages will be damaged or even damaged!