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Microwave Motion Sensor Switch (Wall)

  • Category : Sensor Lightings
  • Sub Category : Microwave Motion Sensor
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Product Details

It is motion controlled automatic switch to turn on the light.

Automatically detects the motion of living being within its periphery and turns on the light connected to it.

It uses special microwave sensor to detect the motion.

It also contains light sensor. So, it turns on the light when motion is detected and ambiance is dark.


1. Voltage: AC180V - 240V

2. Load power: upto 100W

3. Delay time: 30 - 300 sec (adjustable)

4. Sensor range: 2 to 10M (adjustable)

5. Sensitivity: 5 LUX to daylight (adjustable)

6. Size: 95*44*36mm