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About Us

Company Profile

Established on 2014, Supreme Light Technology (SLT) Pvt. Ltd, is the company dedicated to make the use of advanced technologies feasible to the general public. The company has been introducing new technology in the fields of robotics, electronics engineering, home/office automation and security. With the field of robotics increasing day by day in Nepal, we are dedicated to supply the robotic items otherwise not available in the general market. By providing the easy availability and economic feasibility of such robotic products in Nepal market, we're even helping the robotics industry in Nepal to flourish.

Another growing sector that has not realized its full potential in Nepal is the automation industry. Smart home / office automation could be the growing trend once general public realizes the advantages and easiness of them. So we also have been working as the service provider for home/office security and automation introducing the latest of technologies. This includes the hardware supply and installation as well as the development of software required accordingly. We have been working in the field of automatic lighting, GSM home/office alarm system, door access system, Wi-Fi switch control system, security surveillance, etc.

Our own research division aspires to continuously study, analyze, and develop new products or software applications keeping in mind the current market scenario and feasibility. FutureLab Nepal, our sister research organization, is particularly setup for this purpose. We have been successfully testing and launching newer products that are imported as well as developed by our local technological manpower.The few projects developed locally include remote control lighting, standalone fingerprint attendance, water level monitoring and alarming, automatic school bell, etc.We already have maintained a fair identity in the market of robotics here and hence have many followers.

Our Services:

  1. Supply of Electronics Engineering Project Components, Robotics etc.
  2. Supply of Electronics Lab Equipment to educational institutions.
  3. Smart Home /Office Automation complete package
  4. Research and development of new technology / products.
  5. Training about robotics development to students
  6. Application software/Webpage Development

Smart Home / office Automation: The present day modern housing not just includes sophisticated physical designs and furniture but also smart technologies to make daily household chores easier. The growth of newer technologies getting easier and economic makes them ideal for building up a complete smart home. Following are the technologies you can use in your home/ office to make it really smart.

  1. Automatic day / night and motion sensor lighting: Used at the passages, balcony, bathroom, stairs, garage, turnstiles, they are meant to make the home lighting automatic by sensing day/ night condition as well as the motion of a person. They also contribute to optimizing the use of electric energy preventing the energy waste.
  2. GSM home/office alarm system: These are meant for security of home, shops, banks and other confidential areas where if anyone tampers forcefully, an alarming signal is played and also send the message and phone call to the concerned owner.
  3. Electric Door access system: One can access the door lock using Smart phone controlled door access system with Wifi doorbell camera or RFID card door access system or Remote controlled electronic door lock system. They can be setup according to your requirements either at home or office.
  4. Security Surveillance: Monitoring of behavior, activities, or other changing information for the purpose of influencing, managing, directing, or protecting people by  means of CCTV cameras, peephole camera, wifi door bell camera etc.
  5. Fingerprint attendance: System records attendance data based on registered fingerprints of a business or organizational employees.
  6. IoT/ Wifi Automation: The latest version of smart home control is the result of evolution of IoT technologies. Use of internet via smartphone to access electronic appliances, camera, door access from anywhere in the world and anytime. This allows you to be connected to any electronic appliances like TV, rice cooker, water pump motor, geysers, electronic door lock, camera, heater, fan or lightings anytime, anywhere via internet. The latest app even allows you to make it automatic according to certain schedules or timer or controlled by sensor outputs. Being google friendly and supporting many other features even allows you to voice control your devices. On top of that all these facilities could be in your hands with just so less money too.

We are also the wholesaler with branches and dealers at different places in Nepal including Ason, Patan, now also opening at Birjung, Nepalgunj etc. Our few valid commendable clients are Nepal Medical College, Synergy Corporation, Group Four Security, Pulchowk, Campus, Thapathali Campus, Advanced Engineering College, Sagarmatha Engineering College, Kantipur Engineering college, Himalaya Engineering College, Nepathya College, Biomedical College and many others.

Beside all these services that we provide, we have been socially involved with many esteemed profit and non profit organizations. Giving our helping hands in the field of robotics industry in Nepal, we had been offering our mental, financial and technological support to different robotics club/ competitions/ programmes from various educational institutions namely The Institute of Engineering(IOE), Pulchowk Campus, Thapathali Campus, private engineering colleges like Advanced Engineering college, Kathmandu Engineering college, and also schools like Budhanilkatha School, Nagarjuna Academy, etc. Other non profit organizations involve Robotics Association of Nepal (RAN) with national level event Yantra, STEM Foundation for World Robot Olympiad Nepal, Makers' Space at Ignition Hub, Udhyami Nepal, Robotics Academy of Nepal, etc. We have been successfully participating in the major technological festival of Nepal, CAN InfoTech and CAN CommTech. Also we had been involved with the national expo like Nepal Chamber Expo. We positively look forward to rapid growth of robotics industry in Nepal and that Nepal reaches its international height in this field.