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Pan Tilt Camera Platform

  • Category : Robotics And Electronics
  • Sub Category : Motors & Motor Drivers
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Product Details

This is 2 Axis Pan Tilt Brackets For Camera/Sensors for Servo SG90S MG90S which is based on 2 axis pan and tilt mechanism for mounting wireless/ wired camera and sensors on robot assembly. Panning, rolling and tilting is achieved by controlling Servo motors using PPM pulses.

Suitable for DIY panning and tilting application in projects. Supports a varied array of sensors and measurement device for different project applications.


The package does not contain any servo motor you have to buy it separately. 

Features :

  1. PV Nylon Head Two Axial plastic
  2. Two axial platform
  3. Anti-vibration
  4. lightweight
  5. Good design and shape
  6. Sophisticated products
  7. Provision to add standard servo motors (sold separately)
  8. Pan and tilt using simple PPM interface using RC servos with position control.
  9. 180 Degree of freedom on both axis.
  10. Supported Motors: TOWERPRO SG90, TOWERPRO MG90S